[Clayart] Assembly of fired ceramics

L TURNER magnolia.mud.list at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 17:29:15 EST 2017

I have done it.  It works. At least for me at cone 10, in gas kiln loaded
and fired by someone else.

I have had no real problems using shino as the "glue glaze".  Had mostly
good results using a rutile glaze that often runs.

Snail has outlined the main problem areas.

The only other concern I have is how much weight the additions will add to
the load distribution on the what I understand is a "slab-like" base.  Make
sure that warping, etc. is considered, and allow it to move relative to the
kiln shelf to prevent cracking of the base.  This issue has little to do
with the 'gluing' issue, but the weight distribution of on the base should
get some 'thinking'.

My motto is the "always have gravity working for you!"

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