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When I attended Cranbrook in my early years of potting, I designed a covered
pot that I liked very much. I decided it would be my urn. Who would have
thought that I would live so long, but I still have the pot and told my
daughter that was my wish. We pulled it out for my 70th retrospective show
coming up Jan. 20, and we found that pot in my stored pots. 


Marketing has been my main object in selling my work. Being in a resort
area, the customer base was so varied, that I was inspired to create many
things to suit my own curiosity about clay as well as the taste of my


I have a question, what do you call a pot that comes out of a firing as the
super one. I was reminded of one that was the lone survivor of an overfiring
where the even the kiln shelves collapsed and all the pots but one were
sagged and melted. It is just a tiny dish with a sun face in the center. I
love that little pot and probably will never sell it. It was an early lesson
in paying attention when firing, even an electric kiln. Actually, the kiln
itself survived but had to be rewired and new shelves purchased. It was an
old Olympic kiln. 


Regards, Bonnie




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