[Clayart] What is happening to G200

Porcelain byAntoinette porcelainbyantoinette at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 22:44:15 EST 2017

Hi Guys. G 200 Feldspar is moving in and out faster than you can say Jackie

I bought G200 HP last year and learned that 30% minispar will fix it to the
original G200. Then I learned of G200 EU and now Mahavir Potash Feldspar.
Which one is staying and which one is going?

I have 1 almost full container of the original G200 left and am not sure
what to do with it. Any new clay or  glazes relies on the longevity of the
materials we use.

Anyone that has the latest information...........



Antoinette Badenhorst

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