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Tue Jan 10 23:39:43 EST 2017

Dick wrote:

One additional thing I haven't seen mentioned Is that one should never wear
gloves when using a grinder.    Dick


And then Jeff wrote: 


Hi Dick, Since I always wear gloves, preferring to flay other leather
sources than my hands, this advice baffles me. What's the rationale?

Best, Jeff




The use of gloves when operating stationary rotating equipment, like bench
grinders, pipe threaders, lathes, and others, presents a hazard because if
the glove gets caught in the machine, the fingers surely follow.    In the
case of bench grinders, many injuries occur when the gap between the tool
rest and the wheel is too wide.   The tip of a glove finger gets drawn into
the gap and then the finger and hand follow.  This is not a particularly
uncommon occurrence.


In the case of things like lathes and pipe threaders, the glove can wrap
around the rotating work piece, catch under itself and pull the wearer into
the machine.  Maintenance groups at power plants (where I perform training)
often demand that all personnel wear gloves to perform any work - EXCEPT in
cases where wearing gloves increases the hazard.  Stationary rotating
equipment often presents those hazards.  


Slow rotating machines are not given enough credit for the dangers they
present.  Pipe threaders that only turn a few rpm have seriously injured,
and in at least one case killed, people.  


Whether or not you choose to wear gloves while operating rotating equipment
should be an informed choice.  Pottery studios may get a pass because they
are "art".  Many of the things we do making pottery are industrial
activities and industrial safety practices should be followed -artfully.




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