[Clayart] tool safety

M Gordon clayart at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 11 15:18:56 EST 2017

When I was teaching h.s. the wood shop teacher had the last two fingers 
on his right hand missing! HMMMM. Mike Gordon
On Jan 11, 2017, at 7:32 AM, mel jacobson wrote:

> one of the first shop teachers i met at our school was an old, funny 
> but serious teacher of `POWER TOOLS`.
> he reviewed all the tools with me so i could use the wood shop at the 
> high school.  we became great friends...i respect craftsmanship.  he 
> got it.
> he had a very unique style.  `hello mr. right hand, hi there  mr. left 
> hand...what are we going to be doing with this machine.?????
> he had his kids say that as they worked on power tools.
> it worked.
> and, has worked for me for years.
> yesterday i was making wooden frame stretchers for a painting series i 
> am working on.  i did six of them.
> include small gussets/45 angle wooden mitre corners
> and 45 braces inside the frame.  they are strong.
> all glued and power nailed.  ( i love my three air nailers.)
> i have a 6.5 inch table saw...really nice for detail work.
> it has a very sharp fine tooth blade.
> i realized i was talking to myself out loud.  `hi mr hand, are you 
> going to put me in the saw????`
> i still do it.
> hi mr hand, are you going to take off my finger tip in the bench 
> grinder?
> the same with the chain saw...what is your escape route, where are 
> your legs.  do you have heavy gloves on?????
> all the rules, out loud.
> anyway, i awas laughing to myself and decided it is a great lesson.
> mel

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