[Clayart] www markings

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Thu Jan 12 11:04:42 EST 2017

i think bruce has a great thought.
i have spent 55 years creating a logo
that is recognizable.  i have a large customer base.
90 percent come to my studio.

i use that logo on my pots.
that is my wish, my basic concept of marking.
i also want my pots to be clean and recognizable for the ages.

so. i give folks a card when they buy pots.
it has all my web information.
i also send a mailing notice of sales with all my 
information on it.
i have used facebook to be my web presence.
(of course, there is clayart, but that is not a sales site.)

if i had a large web audience, and sold from the web, i 
would make sure i kept that address front and center.
a sticker on the pot would be my decision, but that is not 
for all.

the bottom line, and the sort of back and forth on this 
topic...is back to:  it depends on our sales technique and 
your philosophy about the history of your pots..and, do you 
give a damn...many do not.
so be it. do what works for you.

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