[Clayart] WWW on pottery - what bothers me

Arnold Howard ahoward at paragonweb.com
Thu Jan 12 18:57:38 EST 2017

On 1/12/2017 10:42 AM, Chris Foxwell wrote:
>> Websites are virtual in the most basic sense of the word. They do not
>> exist; they merely appear to be there. They are ephemeral; they come and
>> they go. They are a direct antithesis to the permanence of ceramic objects.
>> That is what seemed so wrong to me. Putting something that is meaningful
>> only for a brief moment in time on an object that lasts so long. Even from
>> a practical standpoint, when your website address changes, what are you
>> going to do about all those pots with the wrong URL on them?

Bruce, that is a good point. The potential buyer may be able to find the 
potter from the studio name alone, without a web address.


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