[Clayart] WWW on pottery/ or scrawls & stamps

M Gordon clayart at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 12 20:27:22 EST 2017

I look at the bottom of a lot of pots that I look at in antique & junk 
stores, most signatures are unreadable, and stamps mean nothing to me 
unless I have seen it next to a name I recognize. But I always 
recognize a world famous name like Voulkos,or  Arnson,&  I looked at 
the bottom of my 2 Takao Sakuma pots and they only have T.S. and a date 
'65, but since I  watched him make them, I know who the T.S. is. I also 
have a plate made by his father, but it's too high up on the wall to 
bother getting down to see what's on the bottom.I keep looking for a 
test pot of someone famous, but nothing yet. I did find a plate that 
looked a lot like some Vietnamese plates I've seen image wise, but Hank 
cautioned me about fakes. But I'll hope it's for real, Mike Gordon

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