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In  the old days in the south, most potteries put their name on pieces with
a stamp - originally carved out of wood or clay up on the side of the
piece, not on the bottom.  In larger potteries, the person that actually
made the piece put their initials as a way to know how many pieces they
made and, therefore, how much they were paid as they were paid by the piece.

Everything that came out of Grandpa's "new shop" was stamped with printers
lead type stamps -

             ARDEN, NC

The original shop - 1925-29 - was stamped -

              ARDEN, NC

When my cousins, Charles and Robert, started running the shop after Grandpa
passed they started following the in vogue at the time of signing their

There is no question as to where the stamped pieces were made but as has
been mentioned, you can't read my cousins signatures - if you wanted
another one, easy to find the stamped ones, impossible to find the signed

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