[Clayart] Is your website stamped on your work?

Owen Dearing owen at mugrevolution.com
Thu Jan 12 23:39:48 EST 2017

Hi Taylor! Long time no see!

I believe that David’s practice of marking his pots the way that he wants to in order to allow for repeat business is pretty much what I am doing only I include my website, he does not. I cannot write or print with a stick very legibly on clay, and although my signature probably looks really artsy, nobody would be able to figure out how to order another pot from me based on that mark. I have had a lot of customers tell me that they were buying more pots from me specifically because of my stamped website on the bottoms and I wanted to pass that tip along to anyone who was interested. I did not expect full agreement from readers here but I am glad that it sparked a healthy discussion about marketing and choice of phrase when responding - I just couldn’t figure out why David compared my stamped mug to a towel dispenser in a public bathroom, it hit me the wrong way and I responded to it. If I’ve ruffled feathers over this I apologize. I admit to being a bit sensitive after my sad situation with the clay stories event at nceca so maybe I read too much in to the dispenser reference. 

Hope that helps, and I hope that we can lay this to rest now. Thanks for your advice too and I don’t mean that sarcastically. Also I have hung out with you and I know your sense of humor and I got a big laugh out of your last line.

Cheers! Owen

> Owen, darling,
> You know I love you like a potter, but I'm wondering why David's preamble
> that went something like "I am in no way disparaging your decision to stamp
> your website on your pots" did not put you in the correct frame of mind to
> receive his opinion? 

Owen Dearing, potter
Bend, Oregon

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