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I’ve taken to numbering my pots. I keep a glaze notebook were I put the pot number along with the glaze or glazes I used. That way, if someone asks me to make an additional piece with the same glaze, I’m not sitting there scratching my head and wondering what glaze I used. Customers seem to like knowing they can ask me to make a mug/canister/bowl/whatever in the same fashion as the piece they already have. 

I wanted to start over with #1 each year but I’m rethinking how to do that after reading your post. 1-17, 2-17, 245-17 was what I had in mind. Now, I’m thinking about changing the stamp a tad each year. Norataki changed the color and style of the stamp on the back of their china every few years. Collectors -me being one - can date the piece by the stamp. Perhaps a different wash on the bottom of the piece each year???? Blue year. Green year. RIO year. 

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