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Regarding whether to put the date on your work, except for major pieces I make to show, I don't put the date on anything anymore.  I do a lot of demo work in my classes and workshops and that stuff accumulates.  It's good work, but not the stuff that I show.  At the Craft Center I place it all on top of a freestanding wood shelf where bisque-fired ware goes after it comes out of the electric kilns.  This week I took advantage of the opportunity to get that backlog of work glazed and fired, and just shut off the big downdraft kiln about an hour ago.  Yeah, Friday the 13th, but things went smoothly.  At any rate, among over a hundred pieces, there were a half dozen dated back in the last decade, and I just scrapped them.  They weren't very special, so it felt good to just discard them. All the rest were just signed, or stamped with my initials with no date, so they are timeless, right?  I am not sure why this really matters, because most of that work will just get sent off to friends and family.  
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Lis, The gallery I show at told me the same thing, no date ... nobody wanted to by a pot I made 2 years ago regardless of the way it looked.Mike Gordon On Jan 13, 2017, at 5:42 AM, Lis Allison wrote:

> On 1/12/2017 10:49 PM, KATHI LESUEUR wrote:
>>> .....Assuming one can even make out the signature.    I'm sure I've 
>>> picked up
> Maybe my putting my studio name on my pots isn't so dumb after all! 
> It's very legible, and anyone doing an online search on the studio 
> name finds me right away. I just had someone bring me a teapot to get 
> some mugs to go with it and neither of us could read the potter's name 
> on the bottom of the pot. Since I have never seen work like that 
> before, we can only assume the potter wasn't local.
> Lots of people have told me to put the date on my pots. I don't 
> because the one time I tried it nobody bought pots from the previous 
> year, they all figured if it hadn't sold last year, it must be no 
> good. And as to putting the location, unless you are making tourist 
> stuff, why?
> Lis
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