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On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 2:07 PM, Mike Gordon wrote:

> You might try this..... a years worth of numbers and the new year add a
> letter ...... 1-A ,2-A,3A the following year start with #1 & add B. ....
I use a similar scheme.  1 letter and three digits.

The first pot for 2016 was F001.  For 2017 it will be G001.

These are added to green ware, when the pot goes into the bisque kiln, with
a fine brush using a water mixture of red iron oxide, manganese dioxide,
and drop of liquid detergent.  The consistency  is similar to artist India
ink.  If the little jar dries out, add a drop of water and treat it like a
pan of water color mixture.  The mark is dark (near black) and holds up to
cone 11 in a wood kiln and cone 10 gas reduction and cone 10 electric.

On very dark clay (which I seldom use), read-ability needs a swash of
either white clay slip or Titanium oxide before writing the code for

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