[Clayart] marking pots for your history

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Fri Jan 13 22:51:09 EST 2017

kurt and i came up with techniques that are very good for 
potters...no one else know they exist.

he carefully wrote the word WILD on the bottom of the pots.
when he did glaze test he would add a dot at the end of 
WILD.  or he may make a slash for another test group
WILD/  he also extended a line on the left of -wild.

of course, many of you could suggest ten more ways to change 
the word WILD.  at the start of a glaze series test he would 
draw the wild logo he was going to use for those tests.

he could pick up a pot with red glaze and tell you `i did 
this test series in 1978 at pigeon lake camp.
that glaze in his book would be PL78red2.  the logo would 
tell the story.  he taught at univ wisc. river falls.
all river falls glazes in his book were written RF  date, 

i have three cherry wood stamps that i had made in japan.
all three have slight variations of MJ.  i imagine i am the 
only one that can recognize them.  they are stamp 1, 2 3.
i also have a smaller one that a student made for me.
tiny mj
there is one more method.  where do you stamp the pot???
you can just change things AS TO LOCATION. inside the foot, just
inside the ring. OUTSIDE  etc.  about 50 methods.

i have a very old M stamp that i have always used on mugs.
that changes too.  left of the handle, right of the handle
side of the pot etc.  it is all about placement.
i don't need Mel Jacobson, 1968, test glaze 37.
i have that written in my log book, of course with the key
to the logo.
if that does not give you 100 ideas, then you ain'ta paying 

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