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Hi all-

I put the date on the pot with an apostrophe and the last two digits of the
year.  I is a joy for me to see a pot that is 20 years old!  It's a
snapshot into the past and gives me new perspective, in a good way, on my
current work.  People seem to like it just fine, and i think it makes it
just a bit more special to my repeat customers, who remark:" well, I have
an 02, 04 and a 10 gregg mug!"
a collection of them, and they seem to love it.
   After years of signing my pots with my pottery name with a pencil and a
date, I switched to a metal stamp, which didn't work for me as my chop is
in the middle, with my name around it.
I discovered a silkscreen stamp being used at last years NCECA, and fell in
love with it.
make up a little colored slip and put the image on pots going into the
bisque kiln, by taking a finger tip full of slip and rubbing it through the
silkscreen onto the bottom.  you get a clear, clean, professional looking
mark on the bottom. I add the year with a pencil. I just love the way it
looks.   I do not use the .com or in my case, .net on it because to me,
that is crass commercialism. Spending 20 years in the radio biz has left me
sensitive to commercialism. Don't get me wrong, I still do plenty of
marketing, and it pays off.  just not on the bottom of my pots.
so, that's what I do.
Gregg Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
10325 Brookside Drive
Middletown, Ca. 95461
At home among the lost and found
"When does a difference engine become the search for truth?"
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