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Announcing my 70 year retrospective exhibition of the variety of pots I have
made over the years. This will be held Jan 20pm reception starting at 5pm. I
believe it will be on for about a month after.


I used to date my work from the beginning. My first thrown pot was dated
1947 and not what one would call a real winner. However, as I progressed,
Harvey Littleton felt there was promise in my work, relating it to the early
Baggs work.


So it all began. When people send me photos of some of my old work in their
collection, I usually can tell when I made it by the clay body and its
reaction to the kiln I was using at the time. As time passed on, I made a
lot of my signature birds and started dating them because of the collectors'


As a note, I added a gum CMC to my Iron Oxide/water mix to sign with a
brush. I didn't want any fingerprints showing up in unexpected places on the
glazed surface if the iron oxide wasn't sealed in the pre-bisque stage.


My daughter just purchased a platter that was on eBay where my name was
perfectly legible, but the seller didn't add it to the title. It was just by
chance that it was found and luckily is now back in my own collection of
special pots. Toshiko Takaezu gave me a set of Japanese brushes, many of
them square edged, so I was trying out different design capabilities of
these brushes in decorating the plates and pots. The one just purchased was
a precursor to my very favorite platter depicting an abstract large blue
iris. My first 25 years was devoted to one-of-a-kind type of work and was
accepted in numerous exhibitions over those years. Some of the award winners
I kept so they will be in the show too. After that found that we needed to
make a living from the pottery and my husband's prints, so started
production of functional items. I still devoted the three winter months to
do my own special creative work. Even my functional work was given
individuality and its own uniqueness in spite of being part of a set of
dishes, mugs, etc. Seems like I needed to do this to satisfy my own needs
for creativity. I may have to take a cue from mel and go back to painting as
I did in my early days. I really preferred to paint in-the-round as a flat
piece of paper challenged me as I didn't feel I had anything to say with it.
Oh well, will wait for some inspiration in that area in the future. 


I have had quite a diversified career and don't feel like it is finished
yet. Have some clay in the kitchen with which to do hand built individual
pieces. Seems like I have outlived my older potter friends up here. Love
Clayart so that I can at least talk pottery with some of you and tell my
stories. I read where Rose Cabot has reached 100 and might still be working.
Anyone know? She and her husband made the most beautiful colors and glazes.


With warm regards to my Clayart friends.







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