[Clayart] Downsizing--Glaze Materials Available for Free

John Hesselberth jjhesselberth at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 15:35:38 EST 2017

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!

It’s time for me to stop making glazes. So here is an opportunity for some potter or organization. You can have ALL my glaze materials for free with 2 provisions.

1. You have to pick them up promptly—I live between West Chester and Kennett Square, PA—about 25 miles west of Philadelphia.

2. You have to take them all—no cherry picking. There are some that are pretty expensive like cobalt carbonate and tin oxide but most are typical feldspars, frits, clays, etc.

I have about 50-60 different materials—I didn’t count--mostly in small quantities (< 5 lbs). They are all well labeled and there is no lead or cadmium. A few are in larger quantity—like there is a 50 lb. bag of Australian spodumene. There is also a 5 gallon pail of Mt. St. Helens volcanic ash which was given to me my Marcia Selsor. She collected it in 1981 in western Idaho. There is also 40-50 lbs of Gerstley Borate, circa 1990s.

Some are in the paper bags as they came from my supplier but most are in decent plastic containers.

Interested? Email me off-list at john at frogpondpottery.com

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