[Clayart] electric books

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Tue Jan 17 10:09:15 EST 2017

we are in full exploration of making the `kiln book` a 
kindle book...then use amazon to sell it, and make it far 
less expensive.  we think it could go for under 20 bucks.

those that have the original will have a collectors item and 
the cd.  we are not going to print any more of the original.
we have a rather good supply...but not hundreds.

my pal that prints it is 82 and his company is changing 
fast. he is now in the flash drive business..almost 100 percent.

so, yes, things are really changing fast.
arnold thinks that we could upload the original print file 
to amazon and be a kindle book in one day.
we will see.  my friend thinks we can link to utube and have 
the video available to everyone.

this book was a major effort for me to get a book into the 
hands of `clay people` with the `honest facts`...not old 
world blahblahblah.  that is why we have given bylines to 
over thirty professionals....each an expert in a phase of firing
or kiln construction
it was never about me...being the expert.  i surrounded 
myself with great people that have made a great book...now 
we have to get it into more hands.  fast.  it is not about 
making money...it is about getting this book to as many 
people as possible.  as ron and john have done.  get the 
information out to the world of ceramics.  they are my 

plagiarism runs rampant in all forms of information.  i 
would not do a book with other people's ideas without their
name included.  others can do that, not me.

so, we will start the process of making the kiln book 
electronic. and, we know there are many forms, nook, kindle, 
ibooks and many others...we are looking at them all...but, 
for now amazon seems very easy.  and, it reaches the largest 
audience. and, many people are now reading on ipads, 
notebooks and their computers.   but, i want people to be 
able to print off instruction pages and we want people to 
share the information...that is why the print books states::
`please feel free to xerox pages from this book`.

the last 30 pages of the book are by arnold howard..it is a 
whatever you want to know about electric kilns...it is a 
gem.  and, i have said many times...the section by david 
hendley is worth the price of the book.

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