[Clayart] aluminum foil

Barry Salaberry bsalab at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 10:55:29 EST 2017

Hi Eric,

I use alumina hydrate on my shelves.

I paint diluted white glue (1 T glue [Weldbond], 1 C water), around the
perimeter of the shelf, then sift alumina hydrate through a large 40 mesh
screen over the whole shelf.  I do this in a spray booth, with a respirator
to be safe.
I do this to catch drips, and don't use a kiln wash...it does not work
perfectly, and I have to grind large drips.  But it allows me to brush off
the hydrate, and save that for re-use, and most important for me, to be
able to flip the shelves to deal with warping issues.
I also use the alumina hydrate with the wax, and it does work well to keep
lids from sticking in galleries.

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