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Vince Pitelka vpitelka at dtccom.net
Fri Jan 20 17:49:55 EST 2017

Hank wrote: 
"When I was in school some 50 years ago, I painted the walls of our salt kiln with aluminum house paint, and painted the feet of my pots with the same paint. During the early part of the fire, the paint burned away leaving alumina oxide on those surfaces, which remained protected from attack by the salt."

Hi Hank - 
As you may remember, way back in the olden days when our mutual friend Art Nersesian was in the grad program at U of O, I came up to visit a number of times, and Art brought me over to meet you and show me your amazing doorless fiber kiln.  You were the one who gave me a copy of the plans for the Harry Davis deairing pugmill that I subsequently built and still own, and you were the one who turned me on to the Ferro refractories kiln posts for floating set (such as you use in your kiln) that I used in my car kiln, and you also suggested aluminum paint as a shelf wash.  Throughout the time I was a studio potter in Blue Lake, California, my standard shelf wash was cheap aluminum paint with just a bit of alumina and china clay added, applied to the shelves with a paint roller.  It should be noted that this is enough to stop plucking, but a bad glaze run will still burn through to the shelf.  It is an appropriate kiln wash for people who have their glazes pretty much under control.  

Thanks Hank - 
- Vince

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