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Hi Ken - 
When pulling a handle, you can vary the shape, taper, and thickness to suit the particular vessel.  Some people use an extruder to produce a blank from which they pull the handle to introduce the taper and thickness they want.  An unmodulated extruded handle attached to the surface with nothing done to the attachment points other than a straight butt-joint looks pretty funky, like something you'd see on a mug from Walmart.  An alternative is to extrude the handle and then paddle the ends gently with a wood rib or small paddle to expand the handle at the ends and then attach it to the mug to give the attachment points more authority.  You want to reassure the user that the handle is sturdy, and that enhancement of the attachments makes a big difference aesthetically and functionally.

Personally I still prefer handles either pulled or formed from a flattened "carrot" of clay.
- Vince

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I recently made a portable extruded for Mug handles. Hadn't thought of comparing Hand pulled to extruded until watching a video Of Tom Coleman pulling a handle. Thought I'd ask you experts.
Does hand pulling produce a stronger handle than extruding?

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