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Hi Laura, you have it dialed in for what you do.

Thanks for sharing/offering your methods and experience.

Regarding terms used in our field, while I was teaching I developed a comprehensive five page handout of the terms we would encounter in communicating in the course contents and beyond...quiz questions got them thinking of terms in context.  The students would pick up more as time, study, and necessity moved on.

Vince Pitelka, who I know to be a stickler for accuracy, has an exhaustive (not exhausting) vocabulary and explanatory definition list on his education website. A good reference.


David Woof


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The term is new to me, but not the problem! I fire porcelain to hot cone
10, electric. I have made a collection of porcelain tiles, disks, squares,
rectangles, etc., that I paint with kiln wash and then sprinkle 30 mesh
molochite on the wet kiln wash, or dry. My pieces are mostly cups, bowls
and small plates. I put my pieces on these tiles to fire. I do not do high
volume so this works well for me. For plates I often resort to using 8"x8"
kiln shelves with the same treatment.

Laura Wilensky

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