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If you first wet the red copper oxide powder with rubbing alcohol, the
powder will mix into a water slurry easier.  This is true for all glaze raw

This is a good trick for adding small amounts of oxide colorants to a batch
of glaze.  Mix the oxide into a cup of rubbing alcohol and them pour the
mixture into the glaze bucket with vigorous stirring.  Much less clumping.

Red copper oxide is the stable oxide of copper.  It is chemically Cu+2.

Black oxide is the reduced copper Cu+1.  It will react with air slowly to
form red copper oxide.


On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 3:11 PM, Daphne Vega <dvega at meca.edu> wrote:

> I inherited a bag of this and am curious if anyone else has experience w
> it. Looked up info in Digital Fire and made a stain sample that I ox fired
> to ^6. It was next to impossible to mix into the water and the sample looks
> just like the regular green copper ox. My takeaway- same results for more
> work!
> I would love to know if i am missing something- why it would be used
> instead?
> Thanks in advance
> Daphne
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