[Clayart] lids and bisque/ long.story

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Sat Jan 28 14:52:10 EST 2017

i have a newish paragon auto kiln..computer
etc.  i may prop the lid for a few hours, then
i shut it up and load the top with green pots.

i am firing to cone 09 at a long cycle. 12 hours,
i need a bit more sponge like quality as i layer glazes.

if i am firing pre/heated pots i just turn on the auto start 
and leave it alone.

i have purchased...yes purchased two paragon kilns.
small and large.
they only bisque fire.  i am in the process of converting
my big paragon into a computer kiln.
(arnold gave me the employee price for the kilns, i turned 
down a better deal.  i do not take free stuff from vendors. 
it is an integrity thing as i own clayart.  if we want to 
blast a product i have to be able to do it with a clear 
perspective. stringless

i have said for years, paragon, skutt and L at L make great 
kilns.  they are much the same in all ways.
i still say that.  and, the list of other kilns is long and
just as good in most ways.

i always tell folks...if you live on the west coast, buy 
skutt...if you live in new jersey, buy L at L.

my 1966 small electric kil`n died a few years ago, and my 
ancient L at L electric was beyond repair.  so, new ones.
i sent a picture of my L at L to steve lewicky, owner of L at L 
and asked him to honor a
lifetime warranty...god he laughed.  that kiln was built 
before he went to junior high.  i got it from a land fill 
and rebuilt it. i fired it for 29 years.  finally the entire 
  metal box for the electronics rusted away.  was it ugly.

i sent all my guts and foot pedals for my two brent wheels 
to amaco, and they sent back all new wiring.  they work like 
a dream.
my brent no 1 had a blue motor, that is reallllly old.
i did buy a new electric motor for it.  the magnets came 
loose from the motor body...the epoxy gave out.  odd.
but, after about 10,000 pots made, it was time.

i have a skutt dc-1 wheel.  the first wheel to have modern 
electronics.  that died and i found a small company that 
does ac/dc conversions and they made my old wheel brand new 
for $50. i gave them a 50 buck tip.  the new converter, is 
made by the same company's converter in my wheel from 1970. 
the new electronic system is the size of a deck of cards. 
it works great.  they gave me a used converter that was 
sitting on a bench in the shop. he said it would work for 40 
years or so.  i might sell that wheel when i am 97. but, 
don't get in line...i might just keep it until i get old.

i sent a note to my facebook friends that i would be having 
my studio open for many years to come.  i said that i did 
not care if you were liberal or conservative, black, asian, 
or brown or white. man or woman or any gender you want. all 
are welcome as i love you all. even if you are catholic or 
jewish, buddist or mormon...
`if you can crawl up my driveway with cash in fist i will 
make pots and paintings for you.`

but, as mel brooks said in blazing saddles` THROUGH the 
voice of  of irving johnson....`let em all come to rock 
ridge, but
NO IRISH.`  i have to have some standards.

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