[Clayart] Red Copper Ox

Daphne Vega dvega at meca.edu
Sat Jan 28 15:27:24 EST 2017

Hi Bill- im curious what results you get from the RCO that are different from using green or black C. Ox? Ive only fired it once in my test elec kiln- but plan to test it at ^6 and ^10 reduction. Mostly out of curiosity and interest in glaze chem. 
Im not sure i even have a full pound of it, just enough to experiment with. 

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> On Jan 27, 2017, at 2:59 PM, William Schran <wschran at cox.net> wrote:
> You know from your reading on DigitalFire that red copper oxide is a
> reduced form of black copper, is stronger that black copper and has been
> coated to keep it from oxidizing. It¹s the coating that prevents it from
> mixing with water very well. I use it with crystalline glazes and since I
> mix my glazes with a gum solution, the red copper seems to mix in well. I
> have also used a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap to get the copper to
> blend in the glaze.
> If too frustrating for you, you are very welcome to send it to meŠ.
> Bill
> Bill Schran
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> On 1/27/17, 4:11 PM, "Clayart on behalf of Daphne Vega"
> <clayart-bounces at lists.clayartworld.com on behalf of dvega at meca.edu> wrote:
>> I inherited a bag of this and am curious if anyone else has experience w
>> it. Looked up info in Digital Fire and made a stain sample that I ox
>> fired to ^6. It was next to impossible to mix into the water and the
>> sample looks just like the regular green copper ox. My takeaway- same
>> results for more work!
>> I would love to know if i am missing something- why it would be used
>> instead?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Daphne
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