[Clayart] Angle Iron Framework for soda kiln

Helen Stone helenestonepeony at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 10:30:44 EDT 2017

Hi folks, my welder is going to put in the angle iron and flat iron pieces
for my new soda kiln before the arch goes up.  My question is:  the welder
had the idea of inserting horizontal angle iron under the kiln floor and
attaching it to the corner angle iron.  The kiln is made up firstly of 3
layers of cement block, then a 1 inch layer of ceramic fibre, then a layer
of IFB, then a layer of dense hardbrick.  He wants to insert the angle iron
where the ceramic fibre is.  If that OK or is that bad?  Thank you for any

Helen in Rio Yambala, Ecuador
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