[Clayart] welding

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Mon Jul 3 17:23:33 EDT 2017

the reason we weld is to support the arch sort of
like a buttress in an old church.  the arch will want
to spread, the welding holds it in place.

a good welder will help you a great deal.
discuss the way the walls need support and the arch
will try and spread.
take his advice..the good welders know a thing or two.

in most of my applications we actually bolt the
steel to the floor. drill four holes in the cement
floor and insert an expanding bolt. we weld a L shaped
bracket to the vertical corner brace and drill a hole
flat on the ground...set it over the bolt...bolt it tight.
  it will be logical to the welder, i am sure. as long as he 
is on site, let him do his thing.   remember, we are not 
there to consult.  he is.
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