[Clayart] Angle Iron Framework for soda kiln

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Hi Helen - 
I am not sure why your welder wants to do that.  It is certainly not wrong to bolt the kiln frame down to the slab.  I am not convinced that it is an advantage, but if you do want to anchor the kiln down, I would use Mel's suggestion of some right-angle tabs welded to the corner verticals and then bolted down to the slab with expanding anchor bolts.  Under no circumstances would I ever allow the welder to force flat bar under the kiln through the space occupied by the ceramic fiber.  That is a very strange idea.  As long as you have lower cross-members tying the corner verticals together to make a "box frame," additional lengths of flat bar under the kiln would be no advantage at all.
- Vince

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Hi folks, my welder is going to put in the angle iron and flat iron pieces for my new soda kiln before the arch goes up.  My question is:  the welder had the idea of inserting horizontal angle iron under the kiln floor and attaching it to the corner angle iron.  The kiln is made up firstly of 3 layers of cement block, then a 1 inch layer of ceramic fibre, then a layer of IFB, then a layer of dense hardbrick.  He wants to insert the angle iron where the ceramic fibre is.  If that OK or is that bad?  Thank you for any response.

Helen in Rio Yambala, Ecuador
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