[Clayart] Kiln Chimney extension of Metal (Helen Stone)

Douglas Fur 23drb50 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 20:25:52 EDT 2017

My concern would be for the low load bearing capacity of the IFB.
My tastes would lie more along the line of a home made refractory concrete.
I'd find a bit of local clay to mix with sand and portland cement and
reinforce it with "chicken wire". I'd make a form in the shape of an
inverted V about four feet long. Have the chicken wire stick out the edges.
When to of these 90 degree pieces are put together to form a square tube
the chicken wire can be twisted together and then mortared over with the
same concrete mix. Two of these sections could be stacked to make 8 feet of
Seola Crek

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