[Clayart] Hidasuki-red patterns in Bizen ware

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Fri Jul 7 15:13:26 EDT 2017

While doing some desktop housekeeping I reread a Science Daily blurb from
Feburary 2014,

Work done by

Professor Jun Takada at the Graduate School of Natural Science and
Technology at Okayama University, quote: "I spent thirty years
investigating how craftsman were able to render the beautiful red colors in
Bizen and Arita pottery," explains Takada. "This research revealed the
important role of iron oxide particles for producing the colors. I am now
working on innovative applications of nanometer scale iron oxide materials
produced by 'iron-oxidizing bacteria'. I have made a transition from fine
ceramics and Bizen stoneware to fuel cells and biotechnology!"


The short article very briefly provides some insights into the chemical
physics taking place in the Bizen process, and by analogy, into the
salt/soda process.

There is also a plug for slow cooling.

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