[Clayart] craft schools

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Sat Jul 8 12:26:19 EDT 2017

there was an article in the minneapolis paper
about the number of historic craft schools/centers
popping up in rural minnesota and wisconsin. i think they
listed 18.

they are small, sort of one man operations/coops
sort of thing.
they make `birch bark` canoes, axes, hand made
furniture.  it is for mature folks to get together
and work on projects of `meaning`.  sort of folk learning.

it fits my description of people starving to death...wanting
to make something of value.  the computer and the tv are
causing national insanity.

why do people love `hay creek`?  talented people gathering 
for ten days...making stuff.  no pressure. learning, making,
and of course success.  they teach each other and the big 
rule...`no political discussion`.  period.

we are in the planning stages of renting out our class room, 
bunk house, kitchen to adults that want to make stuff in a 
group setting.

look around you at the conventions.  the hand made knife 
show attracts thousands, the hand made pipe show is huge.
glass, ceramics.....the numbers are growing.  the model 
airplane hobby is huge.
but, the big growth is from grass roots groups, not academic

looking for part time work?????start a small school in your 
pottery.  those in big cities may find that impossible, but 
if you live rural....whooooza.

utube has changed the world.  want to learn a skill?...utube.
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