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Dannon Rhudy dannon at ccrtc.com
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I'm running behind as usual, a bit late to this discussion,
 but I've had some experience with
Olsen Kiln Kits.  Two kilns at Univ. North Tx were Olsen, and
Fred Olsen came to Texas A&M/Corpus Christi to build a kiln himself.
The class got to watch him do it.  A terrific experience, and he
let us help, explained everything. The kit kilns are well designed,
with an excellent burner system. Takes a bit of attention to get
the firing down, but once one does, and the burners adjusted,-
a great firing kiln, simple and easy. Certainly worth investigating.


Dannon Rhudy

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I really recommend the Olsen Kiln Kits. Most any size to fit your needs. All
the welding is done. The door is hinged on the frame when it is shipped.
(lay up your door bricks first!) Custom order the type brick K23 or k26.
Comes with the mortar, burners, gauges, valve and fire ring. You can even
order shelves and post that will fit your kiln. Complete directions and
photos to build the sprung arch support. If you need any help in putting the
kit together Fred Olsen will be happy to help you solve your issues. 
I've had my Olsen 24 for 20 something years and still fires beautifully. 

Dale Tex
"across the Alley from The Alamo"
Helotes, Texas USA

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> Does anyone have experience with gas kiln kits?  Ever made one, fired 
> one, repaired one? Which manufacturers (Olsen is one, but apparently 
> there were/are others)?

> Thinking of buying a used gas kiln made from a kit from an unknown 
> manufacturer but maybe instead buying a kit from Olsen.  Any options 
> you would not do without (upgrades to burners, control systems, and 
> bricks, etc.).  I'm pretty handy with bricking, wiring, and gas 
> plumbing, but cannot weld.

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