[Clayart] new glaze

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Sun Jul 9 12:19:31 EDT 2017

i have been fussing with reds for some time.
i have found a vegas red/coleman i think, (from bill schran 
to colleen) and it
is really a circus glaze. sorta pink...vivid.

i tried making a blue glaze with the recipe..it
too was `too much`...so, took the vegas recipe and
added a cup of the blue glaze.
i got blue violet.
it is rather nice..but, again. new/mainstream
color.  click on my website below, clayart page to see it.
it might horrify old timers.  but, if you want to sell pots 
in 2018 you had better have color.  facebook folks love 
it..except one woman, over 70 said she did not like it.
(smart lady) already have a buyer, with six matching cups.

it will not be a cover pix on pmi.

Mel's Website:  www.melpots.com


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