[Clayart] Iron frame for sprung arch kiln - skew brick iron frame

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Hi Helen - 
I am a bit confused as to what you mean.  If you are referring to the frame member that runs down the side of the kiln adjacent to the skews on each side, you definitely cannot use flat bar, because it will flex and will not provide adequate support for the arch, which could fail.  Use angle iron with one leg of the angle pointing outwards, or else use channel iron with both legs pointing outwards.  Then you just have a flat face against the backup bricks that are in turn against the skews.  
- Vince

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HI folks, thank you so much for replying to my queries re the chimney, etc of the soda kiln.  Tomorrow my welder starts the angle iron and flat iron framework for the kiln.  At the level is the skew bricks, which are now in place, along those two sides, is it better to put angle iron, thus shutting in permanently the skew brick from the outside sides, or could be use flat iron along the skew brick line?
Thank you,  Helen in Ecuador
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