[Clayart] violet

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Tue Jul 11 07:04:54 EDT 2017

thanks jeff, you more than understand.

we who were raised on semi matt tan, oatmeal
and the concept of hand made dishes with `earth tones`
have to be careful when dealing with modern color.
it may make us lose total control.

i am showing the pot/color with a sort of smile.
it is actually rather nice.  so, i thought i might
share the idea.  i more than stumbled on to it.

on a serious note...there is a really fine line between 
producing quality color, sophisticated pots that charm your 
customer and crap that looks like it was made by a circus 
clown.  i am walking that line.  we will see where it goes.
mel................i do however, enjoy the squeals of
`oh mel, that purple is devine`.  that teapot sold in an 
hour and i have orders already for more.  who knew?
Mel's Website:  www.melpots.com


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