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Snail wrote: Seriously?the first time I met John Gill, he said to me, I can tell you?re 
from New Mexico: all your work is brown.

Yep. It’s a brown state. I’m from Buffalo, NY and the first time I flew to Albuquerque (so I could take the NM bar exam), I started to panic as soon as I saw the ground as the plane began to descend. The entire state is BROWN. 

What’s around us colors what we perceive. I wanted to make a quilt using fall colors. Except I had moved to New Mexico and most of the quilt was green and purple. That’s because fall is when it’s green here and when the asters bloom. Pansies are a winter flower. 

As much as I love color, I found myself with a life-time supply of glazes that give assorted shades of brown. I had to concentrate the next time I bought glazes to make sure I didn’t get any more brown. 

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