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Dannon Rhudy dannon at ccrtc.com
Wed Jul 12 22:22:08 EDT 2017

I have to go with the Soldner mixer.  Just does a superb job,
and easy to use and care for.  


Dannon Rhudy

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I am looking at buying a mixer for the studio at work, and was wondering if people had strong opinions one way or another about soldner mixers vs. peter puggers?  We are looking at the “professional” soldner, and both the peter pugger VPM-60 and the PM-100.  I’m interested to hear folks’ thoughts on these machines and perhaps any others that we should be looking at seriously.  We tend to use about 200lbs a day or so under normal circumstances, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on what classes are offered, and when.

One question I have about the peter puggers, is what is the smallest batch size these can do effectively?  The big PM-100 does up to 250lb, but can it also do small batches of only 50 lb  effectively?  I’ve noticed that our soldner mixers both are happiest and most effective right at the limit of their capacity, and that mixing too little makes it difficult for it to mix the clay quickly.

Thanks in advance,

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