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for many folks color distracts one's apprehension of good form, but when one brings the right balance of colors to good forms, the pots fly out the door as the $$$ jingle in to the tune of the "squeals" of complimentary expressions of delight that mel mentions.

Set prices just a wee ahead of production ability and its a feeding frenzy for both customers, and potter trotting off to the bank.

david.....................nothing matters unless one declares it to be so.........

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Years ago a parent came into the main office where I sold pots to fund
my clay program in high school, asking for a glaze that looked like Egg
Plant. I went HUH??? What's an egg plant?? I'm really on top a my
veggies..  so it was explained to me that it was a deep purple color.,
Never got one but it was a pretty funny event  from those days. BUT not
as strange as .. a student came up to me & asked if he could make a big
penis for his mom (who taught sex ed.) for  condom demonstrations! I
said NO tell her to use a banana !! Never a day went by, Mike Gordon
On Jul 11, 2017, at 4:04 AM, mel jacobson wrote:

> thanks jeff, you more than understand.
> we who were raised on semi matt tan, oatmeal
> and the concept of hand made dishes with `earth tones`
> have to be careful when dealing with modern color.
> it may make us lose total control.
> i am showing the pot/color with a sort of smile.
> it is actually rather nice.  so, i thought i might
> share the idea.  i more than stumbled on to it.
> on a serious note...there is a really fine line between producing
> quality color, sophisticated pots that charm your customer and crap
> that looks like it was made by a circus clown.  i am walking that
> line.  we will see where it goes.
> mel................i do however, enjoy the squeals of
> `oh mel, that purple is devine`.  that teapot sold in an hour and i
> have orders already for more.  who knew?
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