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Porcelain byAntoinette porcelainbyantoinette at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 20:20:32 EDT 2017

Hi guys. I have mixed up a iron red glaze that I did not mix for a while. I used ingredients that is 10 years old and older end the end result was a flat brown instead of the reach read brown that it was before. 
I repeated the recipe, thinking I made a mistake, ending up with the same results. 
Then I thought maybe I used the wrong recipe and compared it with similar recipes getting to the conclusion that I did not make a mistake. 
So someone said the problem is the iron that changed over time. This was the first time I heard that in all the 36+ years I am in clay. Is that true and if so, can I fix it? I assume that if that is true, it has to do with the oxidation process. 
Antoinette Badenhorst. 

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