[Clayart] wallastonite etc.

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Thu Jul 20 18:34:17 EDT 2017

one the unkowns about clay bodies is that
we just never know what is in the commercial clay body.
we have been over that til one gets sick.
but it is the same for gobs of talc in mid range clay.
they need it to flux down the body.  i know it does not
help throwing.

it is why basic stoneware/cone ten bodies are so nice
to throw with.  it is mostly clay. and, if the body
has ball clay, even better.

the talc mines in the east are closing down. exhausted.
but, there is a texas talc...but, many of the buyers want 
the old stuff, so it is a big problem.
( i can only speak in general terms, dealers and clay buyers
have lots of issues. lots.  when materials change, you are
often screwed. that is why clayart has so much value if you 
listen and learn.  ron is a gem in keeping up with change.
listen to him.

but ingredients like wollastonite can be great for one 
application, and hell for another.  you must be aware of 
your claybody. why do i have a pug mill??????????? it is 
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