[Clayart] Wollastonite/hardening clay bodies

David Woof woofpots at hotmail.com
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Hi Snail,

What I've always liked about you, you are knowledgeable, open, curious to know, to see beyond the current established "authority". Solid!!!!

See June/July/August 1986  Ceramics Monthly Page 40 "Large Scale Flexible Ceramics"

"As flexible as dense fiberglass, a slab that can be hit repeatedly with a sledge hammer without breaking" (Imagine a dinner plate bouncing off a tile floor)   Corning Corelle Ware already does, but lacks the hand thrown mystique.

50 Wollastonite,  40 Ball,  10 Talc     I preferentially sub Helmer for the Ball clay.  Throws surprising well, great sculpture Body!!!!  Fire to cone 3

I'm currently testing for cone 6 with glazes.  Have not tested absorption percentages yet.

David Woof........I can imagine someone taking this and running, publishing for credit bla bla, but this is not what i have ever been about, so love to see, love to live to see it happen.


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> On Jul 19, 2017, at 8:14 PM, Bryan Johnson <bryj at cheqnet.net> wrote:
> I remember seeing work being done on a 50 : 50 ball clay wollastonite
> body.  They were making very large panels that were somewhat flexible.

Please tel us more about this, Bryan!

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