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I just found/read this post. I'm so glad the decision is to keep it as is - for all the reasons listed below. I have been receiving the Clayart emails for years (even the first version,) but my life took me away from clay for many of them. Being able to review the emails by topic has been fantastic for this old-newby who has been able to return once again.  
I can't be happier with the moderation- w/out it, all seems to become twitter-madness pretty quickly - and frankly, that's not welcome in my life.  
Thank you for all you do & share,Jen BMassachusetts "We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." Joseph Campbell

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clayart is a moderated list.
that is very special.  facebook without moderation
is like twitter, it becomes a sewer in minutes.

we will have clayart as it is into the future.

for those that are new, i actually own the rights
to clayart.  it is `clayart LLC`
paragon kiln company along with arnold howard
are our backup sponsor.  we pay all of our own
bills for isp etc.

we have no plans to change anything.

ray bogle, on his own time and expense has created
a space for us, but, almost no one has ever really used it.
we have both thought about taking it down.

now and then i use the third page of my own website
as a place for pix, notes, recipes etc.

we also have a paypal app there that anyone interested
in donating to our cause can drop a few bucks.

arnold and i have looked in on several unmoderated
lists.  esp glass.  the in -fighting, name calling and general
hate filled posts are not very pleasant.

you get very little of that past arnold and mel.
we do moderate.

we are very proud of clayart...as we say...`you learn more
by accident on clayart than you would in a full time
college clay program.  or, as dave lyons said at breakfast
this morning...`clayart produces gold nuggets of knowledge, you
just have to find them`.

or, as an old duffer told us this afternoon...`i like to talk to poor people,
they can't afford to be delusional.`  (lots of really wise old coots
around this rural wisconsin county.)

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