[Clayart] Rent Collection Courtyard

M Gordon clayart at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 24 14:54:54 EDT 2017

I too have a big collection & just looked & found 2 copies of the "Rent  
Collection", printed in the People's Republic of China, by the Foreign  
Language Press in 1968, Peking. Research in GOOGLE,  I found here...  
the-rent-collection-courtyard/ shows that they were cast into bronze.  
Where the original clay sculptures are, or if they are  still shown  
somewhere in China, I don't know. Mike Gordon
On Jul 23, 2017, at 9:43 AM, Dorothy Parshall wrote:

> My partner collects books as fast as dogs collect fleas. A recent  
> acquisition  is a fascinating book, both due to its story of life  
> before "Mao Tsetung Thought" but more especially due to the incredible  
> clay "Sculptures of Oppression and Revolt" which form the main part.   
> Published by "Foreign Language Press" in Peking in 1970, I am  
> wondering if these marvellously expressive sculptures are still in  
> existence.
> Dorothy

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