[Clayart] price of a mug

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Tue Jul 25 13:11:11 EDT 2017

it seems that my tag about how much it costs to
fire my kiln has sorta morphed into a discussion
of costs and good business practice.

the sentence is about big flues and money going up the 
stack.  do not confuse my post please.  it is about
good business.  your money being wasted.

there have been times when fuel costs are more than
the wholesale costs of the pots in the kiln.
i have seen potters who had to shut down during propane 
price escalation.

i also think we have to include time to make work/vs
price.  that is the big killer of profit.  we are in a time
when over decoration has overwhelmed pottery decoration.
when talking about business and how to keep a pottery 
running, that sure would kill me.  i have to time everything
down to the minute.  i actually take time into consideration
when making, decorating and firing work.  then comes fuel 
and studio costs, insurance, deck maintenance, and liability.

i actually make money per hour in my pottery making.
but, how do you consider cost when all your work is done
at a community sponsored facility????? someone else pays the 

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