[Clayart] Costs & Business

KATHI LESUEUR kathi at lesueurclaywork.com
Fri Jul 28 10:55:38 EDT 2017

On Jul 27, 2017, at 4:33 PM, jonathan byler wrote:

> you’ve gotta skip the art fairs and do your own thing.  I have never figured out how people make those pay.  since nobody there wants to pay much for anything.

 You are absolutely wrong on this. I routinely sell large pieces for a fair price at art fairs. It is not what it used to be I will admit. I don't know any potter doing Ann Arbor who makes upwards of $15,000 in four days. It was routine in the late 80's and early 90's.  but, there are still good show that I do and make money at. I rarely have anyone trying to get me to drop my price. But then, I do high end shows. I know all of my costs for a show and know when I am making a profit. those that don't produce, I drop. there is nothing like an art fair to give you feed back on your work. You develop friendships with customers. Some so strong that in my case, three attended my wedding last week, traveling all the way from Maryland to Ann Arbor. 



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