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mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Fri Jul 28 13:05:38 EDT 2017

as with any merchandising, the artist, person doing the 
selling must develop a following, and make sell able art
work.  there is no substitute for the work that goes into 
creating a following.

i hated street fairs..packing, unpacking then do it again
and go home.  i hated bargain hunters.
so, i made my deck into my sales gallery. made a 40 years 
data base. send out invites.
it works for me, it is not going to work for many others.
right place, right time.  and, i live within 1.5 million people.

what works for kathi is based on years of fairs and
getting to know her clients.  she works hard at it.

paul and his wife did well, they worked the shows hard.
it is not easy.

sales is a very very serious business.

just think of what i have gone through for ten
years of my product ridatick.  it is hell on wheels.
it is just starting to get national attention.
when you see it for sale at walgreen's...then you will know 
i have won the lottery.  we will see.
it is all a crap shoot.

think of the jerk that sells `my pillow`. shouting in your 
face twenty times a day. they are just pillows.
you can buy a better pair on amazon for 19 bucks.
it is chunks of foam...and the ticking is not that good.
but, he sells the crap by the boat full.

it is important to note that the face of fairs is changing fast.
corporate sponsors, art center sponsors, community colleges
sponsor.  the day of the neighborhood, feel good, harmony 
with art is pretty well gone.  now the fees are terrible, 
the judging often is petty...and a lot of stuff is made
in china or else ware...touted has hand made.

i ran into a potter at a fair that drove from alabama...he 
thought he would clean up...4 pots sold. i think we call 
that a net loss.

we know that big groups of potters, selling over a two 
county area can really generate a huge amount of total 
sales...but, it takes very keen, professional minded leaders 
to pull it off. it is organized like a NFL team.  it is 
never `just do it`.  and, they repeat it every year.
people are waiting for the extravaganza next year.

it is a heads up business, and that means work.
and, if your pots don't sell, change...or change
venues. don't blame the customer.  i now sell red and 
violet. whooowhooooo.  no more beige. earth colors.

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