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Kathi wrote: People who like pots like to see lots of pots. Everybody wins.

One of the reasons the local Farmers & Craft Market is so successful is that they are at near capacity for vendors. The market is held on 7 blocks on Main street. That’s a lot of vendors to fill 7 blocks. There’s just about anything you could want and stuff you didn’t know you wanted. The number of vendors makes shoppers want to come to the market. Shoppers coming to the market make vendors want to sell at the market. Many shoppers are drawn in to buy fresh produce from local growers. As long as they are at the market, they take a walk and see what the artists have to offer. All artists must live in this county and must make what they sell. In order to be able to sell, I had to attend an orientation and show the people who run the market what I make. When I wanted to add additional types of items, I had to show the additional types of items. The organizers want to keep the quality high and to ensure that the artists are selling their own work. 


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