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And park entrance is free for everybody in the same car.

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> "Deborah Thuman wrote:
> If you are a US citizen or permanent resident and you?re 62 or older (or you know anyone who fits that category), you (or they) can get a lifetime senior pass for all of the national parks, national monuments and Bureau of Land Management lands. Cost now is $10. On August 28, the cost goes up to $80. The pass is good for life. Full details are here: <https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/senior-pass-changes.htm <https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/senior-pass-changes.htm>>"
> Thanks to Deborah for mentioning this.  I've been using my senior access pass for six years now.  It gives free access to all of those places, plus any National Forest facility, and camping in all federal land campgrounds is half-price.  I do a lot of camping while out west every summer, often in national parks, and this pass has saved me a lot of money.  I often go into a national park for a short day-hike, and I wouldn't do that if I had to pay the full entry fee.  As Deborah mentioned, the pass causes $10 and lasts for the rest of your life, but a month from now the price goes up to $80.  
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