[Clayart] Shakedown Cruise required or not for castable in combustion chamber to dry

Helen Stone helenestonepeony at gmail.com
Sat Jul 29 16:40:18 EDT 2017

HI folks, my new soda kiln is about ready and I have a question:  For the
two combustion chambers, I used a protective coating made of a homemade
castable refractory mix, i.e. clay, kaolin, crude sawdust, sand, alumina
oxide and a bit of cement, it seems good.  I have read somewhere about the
necessity of pre-firing this type of refractory mixture extremely slowly,
like over 2 days, in order to drive out the moisture.  However, it is only
about 1 inch thick or even less in the combustion chambers. Do I need a
shakedown cruise of the new kiln to do this, like I could likely fire it to
bisque temperature very slowly and put stamps and other tests inside the
kiln.  Or can I just go ahead and fire up?  I am not worried at all about
the different mixture which I have, about 4 inches deep, on top of the IFB
arch which also has a layer of ceramic fibre on top of the IFB, then the
mixture / as that is a mixture exterior to the bricks.
Many thanks in anticipation of your advice,
Helen in southern Ecuador
P.S. - Barry, the IFB brick arch worked perfectly, we were able to cut the
bricks using just a hacksawblade and refining each brick angle then with an
iron file and then with sanding discs.
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