[Clayart] Art Fairs

eric ciup eciup at gmx.com
Sat Jul 29 21:22:43 EDT 2017

Yes but,  I once lost $500 wholesale at a show in Ottawa when someone 
walked off 4 large boxes of my work that was in storage, they took my 
dolly as well. A jeweler couple I knew lost $40,000 when a moments 
inattention while tearing down a show allowed someone to walk off with a 
small briefcase, it took them years to recover.

On 07/28/17 14:34, Terry Lazaroff wrote:
> My rant is when I see the jewelers coming into set up with two suitcases of $150,000 in inventory and I need a five ton truck to carry my $10,000 of inventory.
> Terry

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